We are passionate about data and believe it has the potential to transform businesses as well as our society for the better. If you share our passion, or simply are curious to learn more, we would love to discuss how we can work together.

How we're different

Our experience has taught us that systematically creating value from data requires a combination of different disciplines, skills and perspectives. It's not enough to implement new technologies or to buy a new tool, yet this is often what marketing suggests. We obsess over understanding our clients needs and then assemble the right skills to deliver working end-to-end solutions.

Data Edge's three competence areas: Business Development, Data & Infrastructure, Analytics & AI.


Business Development

Our view is that investments in data and analytics should be made with tangible business outcomes in my mind. We help our clients identify their potential, develop the right strategy and help them unlock business value by delivering working end-to-end solutions.


Analytics & AI

Analytics is the art of transforming raw data into valuable insights. Whether that means defining and visualising your metrics or building sophisticated machine learning solutions, we help our clients define their problems and then pick the right solution to implement.


Data & Infrastructure

Collecting, storing and processing data in an efficient way is a key enabler for analytics and data science. We have experience from many of the leading tech companies and help our clients build scalable and cost effective data platforms, from on-prem to cloud.

In today's competitive market, effectively leveraging Data, Analytics, and AI is not just an advantage; it's a necessity. Whether you're at the inception of your data journey or looking to scale new heights, our tailored services are designed to transform your data into your most valuable asset.

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Strategy & Leadership

We facilitate the transition to a data-driven model with clear strategies, alignment, and a strong data leadership.

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People & Culture

Our approach nurtures a culture of evidence-based decision-making and data literacy, aligning your team's efforts to leverage data effectively.

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Technology & Infrastructure

We build scalable, maintainable, and future-proof data platforms, ensuring your data strategy meets tomorrow's challenges.

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Data & Analytics Engineering

From assessing needed capabilities, navigating cloud services to scaling operations, we address key challenges in working effectively with data, analytics and ML/AI.

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Analytics, Machine Learning & AI

Our expertise helps you turn raw data into actionable insights, predictive models, and machine learning services, empowering your business with strategic decision-making tools.

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Value Creation

Real value comes from solving concrete business problems with actionable use cases. We specialize in identifying and implementing these solutions to drive tangible results.

Building a Modern Data Platform for the World's Largest Oatmilk Company

Data Edge built a sophisticated data platform using Databricks, Delta Lake, and dbt, improving data management, reporting, and regulatory compliance for informed decision-making.

Pricing Optimization in Fast Growing E-Commerce

Data Edge developed a robust data-driven pricing strategy for a fast-growing e-commerce company, leveraging data exploration and optimization models to balance profit maximization with price elasticity insights.

Enabling BI Reporting with a Modern Data Platform in the Lighting Industry

Data Edge built a modern data platform for Fagerhult to enhance sales and financial reporting across several brands, utilizing Azure, Terraform, dbt, and Power BI for improved business insights and data accessibility.
"The guidance and know-how of Data Edge really helped us in taking our data platform and strategy to the next level. While we already had a cloud-native setup in place, the experience with data mesh architectures and know-how in what tools to pick and how to align the data and analytics organizations internally improved our capabilities and results significantly. Their experience in working with data and flows helped us in accelerating our work and is core for where our data strategy is today."

Per Lejontand




“Putting the responsibility for this area in the management group has raised our understanding of the area while making data and analytics a more integrated part of the discussion. We are still early on in the journey to become data-driven but this has already raised the awareness for and value created by data and analytics.”

Johannes Boson



Telge Energi

"A big thank you to Data Edge for providing our management team with valuable and broad insights into AI and its emergence during a few hours of training time. We received a thorough overview of both opportunities and risks, along with many "heads up" that we will take into consideration in our future deliberations on using AI in our company”

Mats Jakobsson



Benders Sverige AB

“Data Edge supported us throughout the discussion to bring data from various ERP and CRM systems together with a cloud native approach. The PowerBI dashboard our management insights to a new level. It created real-time transparency and improved our forward looking capabilities.”

Geert van der Meer

Head of BA Infrastructure



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