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At Data Edge, we take great pride in helping our clients unlock the full potential of their data. We invite you to check out a few of our most successful projects.

Performance Analytics & Reporting in Gaming

Data Edge assisted a leading mobile game company in enhancing the structure and reporting of game data. The project involved improving processes for reporting A/B test impacts, aligning definitions within the organization, and working closely with leadership and key stakeholders. To reduce manual labor, improve data quality, and ensure consistency in reporting, Data Edge led automation projects using Looker, BigQuery, and SQL modeling. As a result, the company was able to make more informed decisions based on accurate and organized data.

Interim Chief Data Analytics Officer in the Energy Sector

Data Edge was commissioned by Telge Energi to enhance their emphasis and competencies in the realm of data and analytics by appointing a Chief Data & Analytics Officer to their executive leadership team. In collaboration, we assisted in elevating their capabilities by establishing a robust analytics team, spearheading innovative use cases, and establishing well-defined metrics to drive business impact.

Data-Driven Decision-Making and Analytics Strategy in the Finance Sector

Data Edge worked closely with LF Fondliv to create a strategy for harnessing the potential of analytics to generate tangible business value. Our team developed a clear plan for utilizing analytics and, after the strategy was in place, we played a pivotal role in driving its implementation and delivering successful use cases that delivered substantial financial benefits to the organization.

Data Strategy & Modern Data Platform in Fintech

Data Edge was recommended by EQT Ventures to support the management team of in their efforts to establish a robust and sophisticated data strategy, as well as implement a modern data platform on AWS. Our team leveraged best-of-breed technologies, including Airbyte, Snowflake, dbt, and Looker, to create a solution that would meet's evolving needs and drive their data-driven initiatives forward. With our deep expertise in the latest data management practices and technologies, we worked closely with's management team to define a clear vision and road map for their data platform.

Building a Modern Data Platform for the World's Largest Oatmilk Company

Our team has devised a cutting-edge data platform that facilitates both reporting and advanced analytics, utilizing the latest software methodologies. The platform is constructed on the Databricks platform and incorporates Delta Lake and dbt, enabling us to effectively manage streaming data while enhancing the necessary data sharing capabilities for regulatory compliance.

Data Strategy & Data-driven Transformation in the Energy Sector

Data Edge facilitated the transition towards data-driven decision-making by implementing a comprehensive transformation initiative. This involved the establishment of a new analytics division and the execution of prioritized use cases with a focus on realizing business value. A noteworthy accomplishment was the implementation of large-scale anomaly detection for several heating plants. This led to the early detection of critical malfunctions, resulting in significant savings of over 25 million SEK.

Enabling BI Reporting with a Modern Data Platform in the Lighting Industry

Data Edge was engaged by Fagerhult to build a modern data platform for sales and financial reporting. The project involved setting up consolidated reporting for three separate brands. Our team used cutting-edge technologies such as Azure, Terraform, dbt, and Power BI to design a robust and integrated platform that meets the demands of the business. With this platform in place, Fagerhult can access their data with ease and make data-driven decisions that are critical to their success. The solution we provided has helped Fagerhult achieve a new level of insight into their business and has laid the foundation for further growth and innovation.

Interim Head of Data & Data Engineering in Fintech

Data Edge was engaged to provide an interim solution and lead the data team through a period of transformation. Our objective was to establish an enabled analytics organization and enhance fundamental data capabilities. To fulfill this objective, we implemented several key initiatives, including the recruitment of skilled data engineers, establishment of a modern dbt framework, and implementation of a streaming data ingestion system. These efforts ultimately enabled Trustly to adopt a data mesh operating model and bolster the capabilities of their Business Intelligence and product analytics teams.

Pricing Optimization in Fast Growing E-Commerce

Data Edge was engaged to support in making data-driven pricing decisions. To support their growth in this area, we defined a comprehensive approach that involved data discovery and exploration, the creation of an optimization model, and the presentation of pricing optimization dynamics to leadership and stakeholders. Additionally, we suggested updated prices based on an exploration versus exploitation pricing strategy, balancing the need to maximize profit with the desire to understand price elasticity.
“Putting the responsibility for this area in the management group has raised our understanding of the area while making data and analytics a more integrated part of the discussion. We are still early on in the journey to become data-driven but this has already raised the awareness for and value created by data and analytics.”

Johannes Boson



Telge Energi

"The guidance and know-how of Data Edge really helped us in taking our data platform and strategy to the next level. While we already had a cloud-native setup in place, the experience with data mesh architectures and know-how in what tools to pick and how to align the data and analytics organizations internally improved our capabilities and results significantly. Their experience in working with data and flows helped us in accelerating our work and is core for where our data strategy is today."

Per Lejontand




“Data Edge supported us throughout the discussion to bring data from various ERP and CRM systems together with a cloud native approach. The PowerBI dashboard our management insights to a new level. It created real-time transparency and improved our forward looking capabilities.”

Geert van der Meer

Head of BA Infrastructure



"A big thank you to Data Edge for providing our management team with valuable and broad insights into AI and its emergence during a few hours of training time. We received a thorough overview of both opportunities and risks, along with many "heads up" that we will take into consideration in our future deliberations on using AI in our company”

Mats Jakobsson



Benders Sverige AB

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