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Essential Educations in AI & Analytics

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, staying ahead means understanding and leveraging the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Analytics.

At Data Edge, we recognize the transformative impact AI and Analytics can have on your business – from streamlining operations and enhancing decision-making to unlocking new opportunities for innovation and growth. Our Essential Educations in AI & Analytics are designed to equip decision-makers and teams with the critical knowledge and practical skills needed to navigate this dynamic landscape effectively.

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Why You Need This Education

Our educations ensures that your organization is not only prepared to meet the challenges of the digital age but is also ready to embrace its many opportunities. Whether you're looking to demystify AI and Analytics to grasp their full potential, enhance your team's capabilities, or drive your organization forward, our educations are designed to lay the groundwork for your advancements.

Learning Objectives

Understand the fundamentals of AI & Analytics, including machine learning and deep learning

Gain insights into real-world case studies and tools

Walk away with a clearer vision of what is possible with AI & Analytics and how it can drive innovation and growth within your organization

Learning Highlights

Our essential educations in AI and Analytics empower individuals and organizations to thrive in the digital age. They cover a wide range of topics, including:


Introduction to AI & Analytics


AI vs ML vs Analytics - What’s the difference and when to use what?


Deep dive into valuable tools


Case studies relevant to your field


Words of caution and recommendations for success

How We Do It

Our educations are flexible and tailored to your needs and field of business, usually offered in either 2 or 4-hour sessions. We also provide the option to combine the education with an opportunity assessment to identify promising AI & Analytics opportunities in your organization. Interactive elements like group discussions, Q&A sessions, and live demonstrations enrich the learning experience, ensuring your team gains actionable insights for effective adoption of AI & Analytics.

"A big thank you to Data Edge for providing our management team with valuable and broad insights into AI and its emergence during a few hours of training time. We received a thorough overview of both opportunities and risks, along with many "heads up" that we will take into consideration in our future deliberations on using AI in our company"

Mats Jakobsson

CEO, Benders Sverige AB

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Daniel Tidström
Senior Partner & Consultant

Experienced leader with a proven track-record in data science, data engineering and data-driven transformation from leading tech companies. Voted one of the 100 most influential data & analytics professionals in the Nordics in 2021.

Johan Bergman
CEO & Consultant

Analytics professional well rounded in data, advanced analytics and AI. Has built several Analytics teams and led data-driven transformations at several clients. Has a strong ability to drive the cultural change necessary to gain value from data

Why Data Edge?

At Data Edge, we specialize in leveraging the vast potential of data to drive business value. Our expertise spans across data, analytics & AI, and data-driven development, empowering organizations to navigate the complexities of today's data landscape. Our mission is to transform your business needs into opportunities, fostering growth, efficiency, and a competitive edge.

Data Edge's three competence areas: Business Development, Data & Infrastructure, Analytics & AI.